About The Show 


Here at Cup of Taboo, we want to talk about and discuss all things considered out of the ordinary, strange, weird, odd, and taboo. We want to educate people on things they have probably heard about but haven't really paid any attention to, things that interest them but also kinda scare them at the same time. 

We will cover topics ranging from cults, to drugs, murderers, to strange beliefs. Nothing will be off-limits and we will strive to be as accurate and fair in our stories that we research and tell as we can.

Our Host

Tyler Thomson

Tyler Thomson is an avid true crime junkie with a keen interest in all things paranormal and weird. She has her diploma in prosthetics and makeup and she works in a makeup manufacturing factory. In her spare time, she likes to talk about the weird and strange things on this planet (and not on it) as well as try to study to complete her Bcom, its been like 6 years, it should hopefully happen soon!