10 interesting Sexual fetishes and practices

OK First off there is a difference between fetishes and kinks. According to the interwebs, a kink is that arouses a person but is not considered the sexual norm, and a fetish is a sexual act that is nearly always necessary for a person to become aroused and enjoy sex. So basically, one is if someone likes to do something, and the other is that someone has to do something to get aroused. For example, if you hear your neighbours baking the potato and you get turned on, that’s kinky, but if you need to hear or see someone else doing the devils dance to get aroused, then that’s a fetish.

To start off, I want you to know that I am most probably going to butcher some of these words, because they are fancy science words and I am not fancy science person! You will probably recognise a few of these as well, in their non-scientific way or their scientific way, which ever. Let me know how many you have heard of!

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  1. Agalmatophilia

OK, so this one is the sexual attraction to a doll, statue, mannequin or other similar inanimate object. So, a person who has agalmatophilia is into either performing sexual acts with these objects, they can get off by seeing these sexual acts between 2 inanimate objects (?) or they desire to either turn someone into, or be turned into an inanimate object.

This is part of a wider condition known as ‘object sexuality’ (individuals who develop deep emotional and/or romantic attachments to specific inanimate objects or structures). many forms including actual sexual contact with the body-shaped objects, fantasies of having sexual encounters with the body-shaped objects, the act or sexual fantasy of watching encounters between the body-shaped objects themselves, and/or sexual arousal from thoughts of being transformed or transforming into a body-shaped object. It has also been claimed that for some agalmatophiles, the idea of immobility or loss of control can be arousing.

I have a few examples of this one here: Probably the first reported case was by Richard Von-Krafft-Ebbing in his 1877 text Psychopathia Sexualis, here he wrote about a male gardener who had fallen in love with a statue of Venus De Milo and he was discovered attempting to have sexual intercourse with it. The next 2 cases were documented by Dr. Brenda Love in her 2005 book Encyclopaedia of Unusual Sex Practices. The first case was the case a 34-year-old man who at the age of 12 years became obsessed with a life size museum statue. He subsequently bought two small statues he spotted in a shop window and began regularly masturbating with them. At the time of the report being written, he had been masturbating with the aid of the statues for 22 years and was still doing it even though he was now happily married. The second case involved a window dresser who developed overwhelming urges to masturbate every time he saw a naked mannequin. This appeared to be related to his first sexual experience when he was forced to perform fellatio on a man while sitting on mannequins. As time went on, he also developed desires to rub up against mannequins and also liked other men to watch him do it.

The sexual stimulation results more from a need of control and sexual gratification without emotion from either counterpart. It can be easily misunderstood as a shallow, cruel, and heartless depiction of sexual stimulation, and although this may be true for some, it is not true for all. Some use this as a way of performing derogatory acts without actually harming anyone…Agalmatophilia is a difficult concept to comprehend, especially when considering the mental states behind these fantasies. However, one should always consider whether the actions harm real individuals or not. In some cases, this is just a derogatory fantasy. For others, this is just sexual gratification that stems from loneliness or the lack of confidence in an ability to find a partner.

  1. Podophilia

This is a foot fetish, a fetish with feet! That includes feet, toes, ankles, the whole toot! Some people are just turned on by looking at feet and others are attracted to painted nails, jewellery and other adornments.

Foot fetishes are considered as one of the most common fetishes, in one study they found that almost half of the people they interviewed had some kind of foot fetish.

There are many reasons why people like feet, one being the fact that there are so many nerve endings in the feet that the physical sensations seem so much greater. Another reason, as discovered by the neuroscientist Vilanayar Ramachandran, director of the Centre for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego, is that the brain areas associated with genitalia and feet are right next to each other in the brains body image map, there could be some cross wiring in the noggin in which the brain thinks feet are sexy.

An example of criminal foot fetishism, yes you heard that correctly! Criminal foot fetishism. An Arkansas man identified as the "Toe Suck Fairy" was arrested following a series of incidents in which he allegedly approached women in stores, commented on their feet and asked to suck their toes. According to Reuters, the culprit, Michael Robert Wyatt, 50, previously served a prison sentence for similar shenanigans. Last time, he even pretended to be a podiatrist in order to fondle and suck a woman's toes at a clothing store.

  1. Pony Play

Pony play is a form of bondage or BDSM that involves a “pony” and a “rider”. The pony is often kitted up with the whole toot, straps, saddle, blinders, reigns and even a bit in the mouth (that’s the metal thingee that the horses bite down on in case you didn’t know). The riders often use a whip or a crop and they get pulled in a cart or they directly ride the pony. This is a type of animal play or zoophillia and there are also puppy roles, and kitten roles and probably many more that I definitely do not know about.

Human ponies are generally divided into three categories. Cart ponies, Riding ponies and show ponies – each have a different role and a special place within the community.

Cart ponies pull their rider in a two-wheeled cart by walking standing up, often with their arms tied behind their back.

Riding ponies have a human rider who rides them either bareback or with a specialized saddle. They are often on all fours but sometimes standing upright

Show ponies are a little more extravagant and take part in dressage competitions while wearing fancier costumes made of ornate harnesses, tails, and manes. They are most likely to walk standing upright but some opt to practice dressage on their hands and knees.


Other important members of the Pony Play community are the range of people who stay human and work with the ponies.

Owners are primarily the people in charge of the Pony. They are responsible for deciding how the Pony is taken care of, how it is presented and who gets to work with it.

Riders are typically also the Owners but can also just be a rider as long as they have permission from the owner.

Trainers, as you might expect, are responsible for training the Pony. They are essential in helping with the conversion from a human into a Pony which involves learning the correct behaviour and demeanour.

Groomers are those in charge of caring for the pony which can include a range of activities like washing, brushing, bathing, and petting.


  1. Vorarephilia

This one is kind of interesting, because I didn’t know that this was a thing. It is basically cannibalistic fantasies or cannibal play. It is for the people who fantasize about eating other people and they bring this fantasy to life by roleplaying. They can also fantasize about being eaten as well. People can mark out certain “cuts of meat” on their partner or themselves to represent what would be eaten in a cannibalistic scene. There is also a website named Mukis kitchin which has photos dedicated to this, there you can see beautiful naked women either hung up like meat, hog tied with apples in their mouths covered in gravy and so on. It is not a safe for work website as I found out while researching, so don’t look it up if you’re at work. This ties into food play, which I mentioned earlier and seems to be a pretty big deal in the fetish world. I think its really interesting how food can be fetishized. But remember kids, people are friends, not food!

Interestingly, eating the flesh of a human being is not considered illegal in the UK, however, killing and injuring people to do so absolutely is illegal.

One of the best known cases of this fantasy was Armin Meiwes, the Rottenberg Cannibal.

  1. Pseudonecrophilia

This one is a little weird, still no judgement, but like a little judgement. This is kind of like necrophilia (Sleeping with a dead person) but legal! The partner of the person who is into pseudonecrophilia will lay completely still and be completely quiet while their partner has their way with them, sometimes they soak themselves in really cold water so that even their body temperature is lowered to feel like a real dead person. This just kind of feels like it’s going to end up creating some necrophiliacs if you ask me. Necrophilia is when somebody actually has sex with a corpse. Apparently quite a staggering amount of necrophiliacs become grave diggers and mortuary assistants, gross. It is assumed that the people who do this do so out of loneliness or just the ease of access... to the corpses. There is a condition known as autonecrophilia, where one imagines themselves as being a corpse, and is sexually aroused by this. Now there has been a few reported cases of ladies cutting off their husbands’ penises and embalming and keeping them, I don’t know what that is classified as, but you know, he must have done something right?

  1. Salirophilia

This is the fetish where a person gets sexual pleasure from soiling or dishevelling the object of their desire, who is normally a very attractive person. This includes rubbing dirt on them, messing up their hair or makeup, or tearing their clothes. This does not include harming them in any way, just degrading them a little. This can also include defacing statues or pictures of very attractive people which can then be kept for future enjoyment (bowchikka wo wow). This can be degradation in the form of also performing a sexual act in a dirty and messy area and also spitting on someone. I mean, it seems pretty normal to me, you know when you are watching a movie and you see the hot guy/ girl waking around with their hair messed up with a little bit of dirt o their face and the clothes don’t really fit them well, I guess that could kind of be seen as some mild form of salirophilia, except a salirophiliac will need to dishevel their partner, or see dishevelled or soiled people to gain arousal.

Some say it is a form of BDSM, in that the act of soiling one’s partner can be seen as degradation and mild sadism and dominance, but others say it falls into a category of its own, I don’t know man.

  1. Sexual Mummification

This is a kind of bondage where a person is wrapped in any kind of material that can be used to wrap a human sized present, that being tape, bandages, cloth, strait jackets, duct tape etc. They end up looking like a mummy and are either left bound in this state to experience sensory deprivation or they are stimulated and they cannot move. They are then eventually released from their wrappings.

Some people who enjoy this kind of bondage have also reported that they like to be placed in coffins as well, and some also like being in small enclosed spaces (uuugghhh) and almost all of them enjoy the lack of ability to move, the physical restriction. A small hole is left for the person to breath and sometimes an erogenous zone is left exposed so that it can be stimulated. This is generally a form of foreplay in which the submissive gives over all control and power to their dominant partner and this in turn turns both parties on.

In 2017 there was a tragic case of mummification gone wrong

  1. Autopederasty

I think this is my favourite. It’s the near-impossible, emphasis on the near, act of sticking one’s own fully erect penis into one’s own arsehole. There is even a porn movie dedicated too this called Go fuck yourself! It even has instructions on how to do the deed. I guess there’s a thing out there for everyone? In a similar vein, there is autofellatio (when a man gives himself head) and autocunnilingus (when a woman goes to town on herself).


  1. Emetophilia

This one is nasty, just a warning, it is also known as erotic vomiting… now those are 2 words that should never really be used together in a sentence. There is apparently a similarity between sex and vomiting apparently, both orgasm and vomiting release hormones that make you feel better, both are caused by a stimulus and for men, both include fluids forced through a tube and out of an orifice.

The act of vomiting on your partner is known as a Roman shower, you’re welcome.

Emetophiles appear to be diverse in which element of vomiting is the most erotic and/or most important. For some, it is the act of vomiting itself that is arousing. For these particular paraphiliacs, it has been claimed that the ‘spasm, ejaculation, relief’ sequence in vomiting is erotically charged. For others, sexual arousal is caused by either just talking about, collecting photographs/videos, seeing, and/or hearing others vomiting. In extreme cases, some individuals may get sexually aroused by their partner actually vomiting on them. Other extreme emetophile practices include the induction of vomiting in a partner (that in some cases may be forced). In these cases, involving force, there are certainly shades of dominance and sadism

There was a case study done on three women, The first case described a woman that didn’t actually vomit herself but claimed she could reach orgasm “by imagining someone vomiting in a hard, humiliating fashion”. The second woman experienced an orgasm every time she vomited. The third woman said that “vomiting for me is like an orgasm in that I’m tensed, I feel the intense flood of good feelings almost continually throughout the vomiting and experience relief and quiet warmth in my body when I’m finished. It is not identical to an orgasm. I do not feel it intensely in my genitals alone, but I do feel it there as well as the rest of my body and in my mouth”.

I also read an interesting article about a person who just enjoyed the sight of vomit and her used to collect other peoples vomit for his enjoyment at home.. I don’t think I will ever be able to eat again.

“oh my gosh baby, you’re so hot you’re gonna make me throw up!”

  1. Acratomophilia

This is the sexual attraction to amputees. Subjects who are specifically interested in and sexually aroused by people with disabilities call themselves devotees. sexual acts with disabled person may configure as exciting because of the psychological or physical suffering produced during the act.

Some suggestions include that often the amputated limb and the remnants of the joint are seen as phallic or sexual. For example, if a person has had part of their leg removed then the stump may be something that they subsequently wish to be penetrated with.

Indeed, this is feasible as there are sex toys and adult toys on the market which specifically resemble a stump following the removal of a limb. Through our limited research, we have heard incidences where men with amputations would vaginally penetrate their partners with their stump and this was something both partners enjoyed.


Alternative theories suggest that there is a sexual fantasy regarding dominance at play possibly akin to those found in BDSM behaviours. In this instance it may be that a person harbours the desire to dominant the amputee partner.



A final suggestion for the sexual attraction to amputees is that men and women not only want to have sex with them but they also want to nurture, love and take care of them but this is only initially expressed as sexual desire.