Order of the Solar Temple

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Today, I will be talking about the order of the solar temple, That’s right, your girl chose a cult to cover in this first episode!!

The order of the solar temple, also known as the OTS (in French it is Ordre du Temple Solaire), *sorry, my French words don’t want to work with my mouth* was a cult that was active in the 1980s and 1990s.

 A cult is described by Info Sect as “A highly manipulative group that exploits its members and can cause psychological, financial and physical harm. It dictates in an absolute manner the behaviours, thoughts and emotions of its followers. Manipulation techniques are used to transform the new recruit into a loyal, obedient and subservient member. Cults claim special status for themselves or their leaders that usually sets them in opposition to mainline society and/ or their family members. Cults conceal their real nature and goals from prospective members by adopting deceptive behaviours in order to attract new recruits.”

 The group was started by 2 men, Luc Jouret and Joseph DiMambro in 1984. I will start by telling you all about them before I describe what happened with and to the cult.

Joseph DiMambro was born in the south of France in 1924. He was a business man, and owned a few jewellery businesses. He was described as ruthless business man and he definitely looked the part! He looked like a mafia leader. He had ties to a lot of different groups, personally I think it was because he was just a bit lost, always looking for the next thing in his life that made him feel something. But I digress. In 1956 he joined the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis (AMORC), and in the 60s he became the leader of AMORC in France where he remained until 1969. In 1970 he gave up his Jeweller career to become a full-time lecturer in the new age movement. In 1973 he founded the centre for preparation of the new age in Anemause France and 3 years later he established a communal group, La Pyramide, in Geneva Switzerland. He was extremely interested in Egyptology and this plays in later to what he taught at the OTS. At about the same time that he started the group, he was arrested for pretending to be a psychologist and passing bad checks (lol) The La Pyramide farmhouse caught alight in 1979 (insurance fraud??) DiMambro then started the Golden Way foundation in a mansion in Geneva after the farmhouse burnt down.

I am going to put a quick pause on Jo DiMambro to quickly talk about Luc Jouret before I continue.

Luc Jouret was born in Kikwit, Belgian Congo in 1947. He received his degree in medicine from the Free university of Brussels in 1974. Luc worked in conventional medicine for a few years in the Belgian countryside, then found Homeopathy in India while travelling the world. He lectured widely on the topic of homeopathic health and the paranormal, he would invite people who were interested in these things into a club. He was said to be a very magnetic person and an incredibly good speaker. A quote from Herman Delorme one of the ex-members of the group goes as follows: “You start listening and by god, you know, you just all of a sudden feel so attracted to what he is saying. You talk about the universe and how man is made of 4 ingredients and how the stars are made of the same 4 ingredients. Then you go to Egypt and Egyptology, and then somewhere along the lines comes along the possibility of extra-terrestrials. And it goes on and on like that. But the more you hear, the less you understand and the more you want to know. You slowly get caught up in the web.”

Now, back to Jo DiMambro, in the early 1980s DiMambro asked Jouret to lecture at the Golden Way Foundation (The group that he started in Geneva). The 2 discovered that they had a lot in common and had many mutual interests and beliefs. Luc Jouret then joined the Renewed Order of the Temple (ANOTHER group which was considered a neo templar group) in 1981 and was ordained as a priest shortly thereafter. In 1983 Jouret was crowned as the Grand Master of this group, however, there was a schism that forced him out and half the membership decided to follow him. This is when DiMambro and Jouret combined their forces and in 1984 the OTS was born, their little cult baby with DiMambro as the brains and Jouret as the face.

The OTS was also a neo templar group which had strong Templar beliefs. Let me quickly explain the history of the Templars for those of you who are like me and only know the knights templar from Assassins Creed and Davinci’s code. The Knights Templar were a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who protected European travellers visiting the site of the Holy Land, as well as carrying out military operations. Basically, after Christian Armies captured Jerusalem from Muslim control in 1099 during the crusades, groups of pilgrims from across western Europe started visiting the Holy Land and many were robbed and killed as they crossed through the Muslim controlled territories. In around 1118 a French Knight named Hughes de Payer created a military order called the Poor Fellow soldiers of Christ and the temple of Solomon, or the Knights Templar. In 1129, the group received formal endorsement from the Catholic church and in 1139, Pope Innocent the 2nd issued a Papal Bull (love saying that) that allowed the Knights Templar special rights. They were exempt from paying taxes and they were held to no ones authority besides the Pope himself. The knights Templar set up a prosperous network of banks and gained an enormous financial influence. The banking system allowed the religious pilgrims to deposit funds in their home countries and withdraw those funds in the Holy land. Which is really cool if you think of the time, this was almost a thousand years ago.. that’s insane!! They were probably some of the earliest bankers.

The Knights Templar were known for their austere code of conduct and weird rules. They were not allowed to wear pointy shoes and they definitely could not kiss their mothers. Their signature style of dress was a white habit with a simple red cross. The members swore an oath of poverty, chastity and obedience which meant no drinking, gambling or swearing. At the height of their influence, they had a huge fleet of ships, they owned the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and they served as the primary lending institution and bank for European monarchs and nobles.

In the late 12th century the Muslim armies retook Jerusalem and turned the tide of the Crusades. By 1303 the Knights Templar had lost its foothold in the Muslim world and had to flee to Paris. There, King Philip IV resolved to bring the Knights Templar down! On Friday, October 13 1307, almost all of the known Templars were arrested. They were tortured until they confessed to false charges including homosexuality, heresy, financial corruption, devil worship, fraud and more. Some of the Knights refused and rather committed suicide than admitting to these things, but hundreds broke down and admitted to defiling the cross. Later 54 Knights recanted their earlier confessions and on 12 May 1310 the 54 were burned alive at the stake. This is important for later.

OK, back to the OTS, the stars of this show. Remember how I said that Luc Jouret would give lectures and then invite interested members to join his groups? Those groups were pretty much feeders into the OT, he would look out for wealthy prominent people and latch onto them. For example, Camille Pillet one of the directors of Piaget watches attended a talk and was invited to a group and ultimately invited to the OTS. They told Pillet that he was the reincarnation of Joseph of Arimathea. The leaders and other big wigs of the group latched onto him because of his wealth and they awarded him all his capes in 1 go instead of him going through the normal initiation process. He paid all his contributions for one year at once. The members of the OTS were politicians, business people, police people and other prominent members of society. It was not a cult for the down and out. Membership peaked in 1989 at 442 members

Only the inner members learned the “true secrets” that the solar temple had to offer. It was all a matter of status and class, here is a clip of ex member Herman Delorme speaking about his feeling of the solar temple *insert clip*. Not much is really known about the beliefs and rituals of the OTS because of their secrecy, but from a few ex-member accounts they were a strange mixture of new age and Christianity mixed with astrology and templar beliefs. They believed that they were going to escape the destruction of the earth and travel to the star Sirius.

They had an initiation ritual that you can find a video of online (They blurred the faces themselves to maintain their shroud of mystery). In the video you can see 2 people in white coats lead in a man who is wearing a business suit into a room full of other people wearing their cloaks. They take a cape and place it over this mans shoulders, the then takes the knee in front of a priest and puts his hands on the altar next to a bible being held open by a sword and a red rose. The priest dubs the man with his sword, kind of like the queen knighting a knight and then after the ceremony is done, members file out of the room in a 2 by 2 fashion into a long corridor.

There was a tiny room behind a mirrored door where only a few members could fit inside at a time, and during a ceremony only 3 or 4 would be admitted to this “inner sanctum” leaving the others to wait outside, sometimes for hours. The chosen few who were allowed into the room got to see and hear the “ascended masters” as well as other illusions chosen by DiMambro. The members would leave the room and be told not to tell anyone what it was that they had seen, this was another way for DiMambro to manipulate his followers into sticking around. The people that had not yet been in waited eagerly for their chance to find out the juicy secretes the room had to offer. According to some ex-member accounts, DiMambro would speak of the holy grail and magically a glowing grail would appear, and he would claim that the members were certain reincarnations which is why they were seeing these specific things. In actuality, DiMambro had Antonio DuToit set up special effects and lighting tricks so that he could fool the members into seeing and believing all the different stories he was telling. Remember Antonio Dutoit for later, he will be an important character in the end.

A lot of the OTS rules and practices were based on the notion of purity. Their goal was to create 9 cosmic children who would usher in the new age. Joseph DiMambro was married to a lady named Jocelyne DiMambro and he had a son named Elio, or Elie, different sources say different named, but its one of those 2. Elio was not a cosmic child however; he was just a plain old normal kid. Jo DiMambro was having an affair with then 19-year-old Dominique Bellaton. Dominique was originally brought to DiMambro by her parents because they were worried about her interest in boys and drugs, the things that normal teenagers are interested in. DiMambro was immediately fond of this pretty young girl and he told her that she was definitely a reincarnation of Queen Hatshepsut. He spoilt her and made sure she dressed in silk and had make up and she was made his chief mistress. This is where things start getting interesting! Bellaton fell pregnant with DiMambros child, but Dimambro said that he had chosen her to give birth to the avatar, the child that would lead the cosmic children to bring in the new age. He told the members that he had not touched Dominique and that the child was conceived by a miracle. They performed a rite of conception where the apparition of an ancient master Manatanus appeared surrounded by mist and ominous lights, he was 8 feet tall. He extended his sword and pointed it at Bellaton who was kneeling in front of him, a laser beam shot out of the sword and as it touched her throat a flash of light illuminated the sanctuary and the immaculate conception was believed by the astonished congregation. I don’t know how people could have believed all this stuff, laser beams and light shows, anyway. The truth was that Manatanus was actually Joseph Dimambros wife, Jocelyn, who was dressed in a cape and mask. Bellaton held a flashlight in her mouth that illuminated her throught when the sword was extended to point at her. Now you have to ask, why was Jocelyn OK with doing this? Did she believe the pregnancy was immaculate?? Or was she just totally OK with her husband having an affair? During the birth between 20 and 21 March, the members held an all night vigil to bring in the child. When the child was born, nobody was allowed to look at her for 3 months. The placenta was buried under a red cape and every evening her turds were taken to be buried in the vegetable garden, which people ate from!

The girls name was Emmanuelle, she was born as the “avatar”. The other cosmic children were not allowed within 1 meter of her. Dimambro claimed that because she was conceived by theogamy she only had one blood in her veins and therefore was fragile. She had to wear a helmet and gloves so that the purity of her aura was protected, and she wore a training halter as a toddler to make sure she never fell to the floor. Nobody was permitted to touch her besides her immediate family members, which I kinda get, I wouldn’t want random strangers to touch my child if I had one. Emmanuelle was tutored in Templar philosophy by Nicky DuToit (the wife of Tony Dutoit that I mentioned earlier). It was said that Emmanuelle was very intelligent and she could speak 5 different languages. She grew up believing that she had magic powers, when she walked into the sanctum and looked at a door she would say “open” and DiMambro had a remote that would open the door that she looked at. 

The group was so concerned with purity that the members of the group would not sit on a seat that another person had sat on in fear of contaminating their own energy, they would not allow their children to play with non-OTS children for the same reason. Some segregation already. When the OTS kids did play together, they had to wear gloves so that their energies would not be transmitted and mingled through their toys.

During the groups full moon ceremonies, the members were instructed not to look at Luc Jouret in the eyes because he was “the christ”. One of the ex-members, Rosemary Klause remembers a bizarre tale that 8 couples participated in “sperm drinking” in the chapel for purification. “Jouret would reduce our food rations, we lived almost exclusively on peanut butter and bread (girl, same), Because Jouret had said we must fast in order to survive the end of time. When a woman complained she was weak with hunger we were told the sperm of the master will restore her lost strength.” Eew. That is some other kind of power trip right there. It was also said that he would get women to sleep with him before ceremonies to restore his energy (bullshit) Power hungry asshole. In the group, those who violated the code of honour were considered traitors. According to some group members, traitors were and would be suitably punished for centuries to come. One member once said that after a disagreement with Jouret, one of their family members was hit by a car and Jouret said something sinister like “what will be will be or something?”

The rudimentary ideas and history of the OTS are fairly unknown. It was taught that a Blue Star appeared some 26,000 years ago. This star—Sirius—was the home of a number of Ascended Masters, also known as the Great White Brotherhood, who came to earth, and inhabited a subterranean spiritual realm known as Agartha. These Masters are essentially souls, but can occasionally manifest themselves in corporeal form: in the underground chambers of the Solar Temple privileged members could be granted the opportunity to witnesses these epiphanies.Like the Masters, humans are inherently souls rather than bodies, and the bodies they possess are temporary abodes: on death the soul moves on from one corporeal manifestation to another. Thus reincarnation was one of the OTS’s key tenets, a process to which Ascended Masters and humans alike were subject.

The group was not just situated in 1 geographic area, there were a few communes between Switzerland and Canada. They were relatively quiet and unbothersome to the outside people, unlike the Rajeeshies from Rajeeshpuram (Wild, wild country if you want a great series to watch). The troubles for the OTS only really started when Rosemary Klaus approached the press after she left the group. Let me explain Rose Maries story. Her and her husband Bruno went to Luc Jouret in Switzerland on the advice of a friend because Bruno had really bad earache. Luc looked at the ear and said that it wasn’t just a plain earache, it was a terrible cancer, but Bruno didn’t have to worry, because Luc cured it… miraculously.. He liked to remind Bruno that he owed him his life, and Bruno took it seriously and became a devout follower. Rose Marie joined Bruno in the OTS, but she was never really as dedicated as Bruno. They invested quite a lot of money to the group and they were relatively important to the leaders of the group. One day, Bruno came home and announced to Rose Marie: “The masters have decided. I’m going to live with another woman.” Obviously this upset Rose Marie, it would upset anyone I think. She went to Jouret to try and mediate the situation and his solution was to set her up with another man which she said only lasted about 6 weeks because he was seeing other women and they were seeing other men and it was all too mixed up for her. She didn’t leave immediately though, she stuck around trying to get her husband back. She eventually gave up when she saw that it was not going to happen. When she decided to leave, she was demanding her money back from when she invested into the cult. She took her story to Info sect which is a cult monitoring group, but she would not tell them everything because she was also going to court to get her money back, this was in about 1991 that she left. By the end of 1992 she had completed her divorce and got a settlement of $150,000 from the OTS.

At this time, in Canada, Luc Jouret was replaced as the Grand master, he was putting more urgency into his apocalyptic messages and the people of the group were really not that into it. This new Grand master hurt Lucs little ego, so he threw a little tantrum and started a new group, it’s a long French name that I really cannot pronounce but it was abbreviated as ARCHS (a play on words because he was obsessed with doorways and boats). Some of the members that were part of the OTS joined Luc in his separate group and by 1993 the group had about 53 members. In 1992, one of Lucs close associates named Jeanne Pierre Vinet asked another member Herman Delorme to get him a gun with a silencer, he claimed that he wanted the gun for self defence and that it needed the silencer so that he would not bother the neighbours while he practiced. Herman went to a few people that he knew and eventually he was referred to a guy that could have, little did he know that this man was a police informant, but he said he would help Herman. At the same time, the cops received a phone call from an unknown man threatening to kill the minister of public security, saying he was going to be assassinated. The investigators connected these 2 things and found it awfully suspish that these cult members wanted guns at the same time, this was enough to get them a warrant to tap into the group members phones and to listen to their conversations. In March 1993 they performed a sting operation when Herman went to go and by the gun. He purchased 3 guns with silencers and then was arrested shortly after. Vinet was arrested at the same time and a warrant was put out for Luc Jourets arrest as he was in Europe at the time. 3 Days after the public arrests were made, Rose-Marie Klaus was on the front page of the Tabloid Journal de Montreal, scowling and holding up a white cape and red cross.

All this negative attention was devastating for the OTS, a group that prides itself on secrecy and superiority. Even the judge said that the punishment the group received was punishing enough and just made the men pay $1000 to the red cross foundation. At this time, about 2 days after the trials of Luc Jouret, Vinet and Delorme, the police in Quebec publicly announced an inquiry into the financial aspects of  the OTS. There was also an inquiry in Australia because it was said that DiMambro had made 2 $93 Million transactions. While this investigation was underway, the French authorities put the renewal of Jocelyn Dimambro’s passport on hold because they believed there was possible money laundering.

Some members also began to question Di Mambro's change in lifestyle and behaviour. While all of the group's members lived humbly in the early years of the group, Jo Di Mambro lived in increasing opulence. For example, he travelled first-class and owned several luxurious homes. He also no longer participated in the centre's daily tasks as he once had.

Some members even noted a change in Di Mambro's attitude towards them. Where once he had been tolerant and open to criticism, he had become authoritarian, demanding unconditional obedience. He was suspicious of competitors, and certain members felt that he was trying to divide them in an effort to increase his control over the group. Others were critical of the fact that the group never fulfilled its plans to open health centres.

In the early 90s, these criticisms led to a drop in membership and financial contributions, and the group's revenue dropped from 483,683 Swiss francs in 1991 to 89,000 Swiss francs in 1993. These problems might have been weathered, had not Di Mambro's health failed. Reportedly, he was having problems with his kidneys, had become incontinent, and had developed cancer. His cosmic child was also revolting against her treatment and had become unmanageable.

Jo Di Mambro also felt that the group was under international surveillance:

“We don't know when they might close the trap on us a few days? a few weeks? We are being followed and spied upon in our every move. All the cars are equipped with tracing and listening devices. All of their most sophisticated techniques are being used on us. While in the house, beware of surveillance cameras, lasers, and infra-red. Our file is the hottest on the planet, the most important of the last ten years, if not of the century. However that may be, as it turns out, the concentration of hate against us will give us enough energy to leave.”

In the early 1990s, the concept of transit was introduced in the group. This term was used to describe the voluntary departure of members to another planet in order to create a new world.

While the method of transport between the planets was still unknown to Di Mambro, he described the transit as a passage across a mirror or travel in a spaceship.

When members asked Di Mambro what the transit meant, he spoke in terms of returning to the Father.

Over time, the concept of transit changed. In a statement, one member explained that transit was initially conceived as a change in consciousness. In the 1990s, however, change in consciousness was conceived as requiring preparation for transfer to another universe. Di Mambro explained to certain members that one day they would be called to a meeting to accomplish the transit. He told them to be on 24-hour alert.

But six months before their departure, the tragic events in Waco (Another Cult that I will cover) stole their thunder. During its investigation of the OTS, the Swiss police found an audio cassette of a conversation between Di Mambro and Jouret on the Waco events. Here is an excerpt of that conversation:

Jo Di Mambro: People have beaten us to the punch, you know.

Luc Jouret: Well, yeah. Waco beat us to the punch.

Jo Di Mambro: In my opinion, we should have gone six months before them . . . what we'll do will be even more spectacular.

On October 3, 1994, Di Mambro gave 300 envelopes to a Swiss member to mail on October 7, 1994 to various locations around the world. These envelopes contained OTS texts, a copy of a letter addressed to the French Minister of the Interior and a video tape.

This is where the group becomes truly infamous. The transit began. At 1 o clock in the morning on the 5th of October 1994 a fire was reported in Chiery, a small town just south west of Fribourg which is in Switzerland (I did have to google where all these places are because Geography is hard). The barn was completely engulfed in flames when the police arrived and volunteer firefighters were hard at work trying to put out the flames. When the police entered the building (No longer on fire) they found canisters of propane and garbage bags of gasoline hooked to detonation devices that somehow had not gone off. Unfortunately, I could not find all of the victim’s names, but I will name the few that I could find. The first body found was a man named Albert Giacobino, he had a plastic bag over his head and upon further investigation they found he had been shot in the head, before the plastic bag was pulled over it. The gun was no where to be found so they knew he did not commit suicide. While searching the premises, police found a hidden salon where 10/15 briefcases lay open on the floor, all of them contained documents pertaining to the solar temple. Just as the police were about to leave they found a secret door on the back wall of this salon, behind the door was a long corridor and at the end of the corridor was a room. In this room was 18 bodies, dressed in white silk capes and arranged in a circle, radiating outwards like the spokes of a wheel. Beyond the circle of bodies there was a door that opened to a small octagonal chamber where 3 more bodies were found, in the room next to that 1 body was found alone. Altogether there were 23 dead in Chiery, 20 of them had been shot by a single gun, and half of them had plastic bags over their heads. Nobody really knows what the significance of the plastic bags was, but the running theory is that it had something to do with Luc Jourets’ theory that the world was too polluted and that it was going to be destroyed in that manner, or that these people were somehow traitors and this was their punishment.

The police received a call from a town called granges-sur-Selvan which is about 60km away where 3 vacation villas had caught fire. The houses that were on fire belonged to Camille Pillet, the former Piaget watches director, Joseph DiMambro and Luc Jouret. The detonation devices had not failed at these villas, and inside they found 25 bodies scattered around, most of them burnt beyond recognition. The police in Quebec, Canada heard about the fires in Switzerland and realised that there must have been a connection to a strange fire that happened in Morin Heights. There on the morning of 4 October a blaze had engulfed a complex of luxury condos owned by, you guessed it, Pillet, Dimambro, Jouret and this time also to Dominique Bellaton. A Swiss couple, Gerry and Collete Genoud had perished with no obvious signs of violence. However, after the events of Switzerland, the police went back on the 6th of October and found 3 more bodies hidden in a closet. Antonio DuToit, Nicky Dutoit and their 3 month old baby, Christopher Emmanual Dutoit. Antonio was stabbed 50 times, Nicky was stabbed 8 times in the back, 4 times in the throat and once in each breast and the baby was stabbed once in the heart (it was said that a wooden stake was used).

  • In Quebec, members were stabbed and burned;
  • In Cheiry, victims ingested sedatives and were shot;
  • In Salvan, they were poisoned.

It was said that after Nicki had suffered from a miscarriage, DiMambro forbade her from bearing any children. But after the Dutoits’ left Switzerland and moved to Quebec they gave birth to a son whose middle name was Emmanuel. DiMambro described the Dutoits as “polluted” and their baby as a reincarnation of the antichrist. Antonio was the lighting man at the OTS who did the special effects and tricks for DiMambro, he left the group in 1991, but he continued to do the technical work for them because he needed the money and they needed his skills. It was said that DiMambro ordered the killing of the Dutoits because they gave birth to the antichrist and then had the balls to call him Emmanuel, after his daughter. According to a man named Terry Huegenin, DiMambro told Gerry Genoud that he was the reincarnation of the soldier who had pierced Christ with his lance and in order to pay for his terrible crime, he must destroy the antichrist and his parents in a rite of purification.

Terry Huegenin had also left the group at some time and also needed money to be returned to him. On the 3rd of October, DiMambro called him and said he had the money available and that Terry must go to collect it. So Terry drove over 100kms to get to the farmhouse to collect his money from Dimambro, and he says that he had a really ad feeling when he arrived. When Dimambro opened the door there was a whiff of petrol so strong that Terry could smell it from a few feet outside the door. DiMambro said that he had forgotten the money inside and that Terry should go in with him while he fetched it, but he said he just couldn’t get over the bad feeling and chose to rather run away and drive back home. Smart move Terry, Smart move.

Over all 53 people died in this 1st transit, including DiMambros oldest son Elio, who had denounced the group, as well as Jourets ex-wife. If Terry had gone inside, it could have been 54 people that had died, 54 people like the original knights templar?

An ex member said the following after the 1st transit: “During the investigation into the deaths, a beautiful woman in her forties came into Piller’s office, dressed in a dark red cape, draped in necklaces and little crosses. She was devastated, she told Piller, that she had not been summoned to the transit. And Piller replied Transit? Twenty out of twenty-three with bullets in their heads? What kind of a Transit is that? She answered me, “Listen. They all wanted the Transit, but they didn’t have the courage to go. I might not have had the courage either, and I would have been happy if someone had helped me. If it was necessary. Why not?”

 That’s not the end of it friends, no no, One year, sorry, Fourteen months after the first transit, on the night of December 15 to 16, 1995, which happened to be the winter solstice, 16 people (13 adults and three children) were found burnt to chars in a clearing on a plateau in, France, close to the Swiss border.

The police investigation revealed that 14 of the 16 victims had ingested sedatives and were then shot twice. Two of the members had been assigned the job of killing the 14 others. They sprayed the bodies with an accelerant to burn them. The two then sprayed their bodies with the accelerant, set it on fire as they shot themselves in the head.

Witness accounts collected by the Swiss and French police show that shortly after the 1994 transit, the remaining members continued to meet. Some regretted that they had not been part of the first transit. While some had been outraged by the circumstances surrounding the first transit, they gradually came to the conclusion that the methods used by Luc Jouret and Jo Di Mambro were in fact positive. The members had sacrificed themselves in order to save the world and pave the way for future transits. Some of the remaining members decided to use the same methods for their own passage to the new world.

The following year police were ready for another “transit” to happen, but to their surprise, nothing did, they thought it was over. However, On March 22, 1997, in St. Casimir, Quebec, five people, four OTS followers and the parent of one of the members committed suicide. Police discovered a letter explaining that they had taken this action to ensure a path to the new world. There were 3 teenagers found in a shed behind the house who were heavily sedated and they said that they were given the choice on whether they wanted to take the transit and they chose not to. One of the deceased members was Bruno Klaus, Rose-Marie’s ex husband.