#1 The Order Of The Solar Temple: Part 1
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#1 The Order Of The Solar Temple: Part 1

Hello, Hello, Hello! Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! In today's episode I start explaining the Order Of the Solar temple by telling you all about their leaders, beliefs, and traditions. In Part 2 I will discuss the Transits that claimed many lives.
Tyler Thomson

In this first episode of Cup Of Taboo I discuss the Order of the solar temple!! 

The Order of the Solar Temple was started by Luc Juret and Joseph DiMambro in 1984. They were a group through to 1994 where things ended in disaster.

I discuss the groups strange rituals and beliefs and how they did their things.

Joseph DiMambro (Left) and Luc Jouret (Right), the leaders of the OTS

Templar source info

Order of the Solar Temple Video

Infosect Article

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